We regularly hold Bayesian Data Analysis meetups in the New York City area. A list of upcoming and previous Stan events is available on the Stan website. Subscribe to our mailing list to be notified of future events.

08 Feb 2017 Blog Post: Revenue Optimization
27 Jan 2017 Materials from StanCon 2017
22 Nov 2016 Introduction to Bayesian Computation Using the rstanarm Package
29 Oct 2016 Blog Post: Generating Random Numbers in R
27 Oct 2016 Introduction to Stan and Bayes with Andrew Gelman
17 Aug 2016 Stan Course in Alaska on Aug 23–24 2016
19 Sep 2016 Pharmacometrics with Stan: 3 Day Course
27 Jul 2016 Meetup: Survival Modeling in Stan
14 May 2016 Events for May 15-21 2016